Minggu, 26 September 2010

[Transcript] Donghae and his drama

MC: Donghae has been chosen as the main lead actor for a Taiwan drama series, is going to act as a man who has defined features and is able to grab women’s hearts by nature. (MC then suggested Donghae to attract girls using the dance earlier on)

Donghae: No no.

MC suggested Donghae to use body gags instead.

Donghae: Will be acting together with Siwon, both of us are acting as top stars.

Rest: The way Donghae talks now seem to be acting like a top star already.

Donghae: Because I have to be immersed in the role.

Rest: You’ve already started to be immersed in the role?

Donghae: Next time when we meet, if I seemed to be slightly arrogant, everyone please excuse me.

MC: Okay, we’ll cooperate.

Source: Onlyhae.com
Chinese translation: hotkorea07 @ onlyhae.com
English translation:~♡ 혁-fied @ SJ-WORLD.NET

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