Minggu, 26 September 2010

[News] Lee Hongki "The reason for Kim Heechul's loneliness? Because of his past mistakes"

FT ISLAND's Lee Hongki expressed his consolations for his best friend (,) Kim Heechul.

On the 25th September broadcast of KBS Cool FM "Lee Soo Young's Music Show", guests FT ISLAND Lee Hongki, TRAX Kim Jungmo and J chose Kim Heechul as the artist which looked the loneliest among them.

They expressed the above statement during the segment of "I'm lonely" in Ripple Show "IDOL". DJ Lee Soo Young suggested (them) to leave comments for Kim Heechul; Lee Hongki stated "Heechul hyung, hyung the reason why you're so lonely now is due to the mistakes you made in the past."

Kim Jungmo then consoled Heechul "Just treat this as retribution, you still have us even if you're lonely."

Next, J continued "It's like this in life." Last but not least, Lee Soo Young ended with "My fan Heechul ah, cheer up and live well! I love you."

After leaving their responses (,) Lee Hongki and Kim Jungmo began to pray hard that Kim Heechul will not listen to the broadcast.

Source: newsen.com

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