Minggu, 26 September 2010

[NEWS]100923 Lee Hongki Dances Cha-Cha with Secret

FT Island and Secret danced the cha-cha and jive on KBS Chuseok Special “Big Star Show! Dance Grand Prix”, which was aired on 23rd September.

With their cute and sexy dance background, Secret performed the cha-cha and jive without any difficulties. FT Island also showed a different image on stage while performing with Secret.

Though the two teams did not have much time for practice, they did their best on stage. Scenes from their rehearsals were also revealed on the show.Lee Hongki looked shy while trying to turn down Secret’s practising proposal. However, he later joined Secret as part of the team.

Secret said that, “When we started practising initially, we were worried that, whether it was because of Lee Hongki’s lack of strength that we couldn’t perform well. We have even thought of carrying him instead. However, we did our best and the performance turned out well.”

Lee Hongki expressed that, “I could have done better. Because of the bright lightings, I couldn’t see very well on stage and was confused for awhile.”

Lee Hongki also showed his cute dance moves to Secret’s “Madonna”.

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