Minggu, 26 September 2010

[News] Andy Lau Expresses his Friendship with Super Junior Choi Siwon

Andy Lau sent a thank you message to Super Junior Choi Siwon.

Andy Lau who’s waiting for the movie ‘D-Project’ to be released, thanked Choi siwon for giving him a mother-of-pearl and an autographed CD on an interview with MBC ‘Section TV Entertainment News’ which aired on the 24th. Choi Siwon thinks of Lau as his savior.

Choi Siwon said on a show that he met Andy Lau through 2005 movie ‘Battle of Wits.’ Andy Lau grabbed saved Choi Siwon while filming when he lost consciousness.

Andy Lau remarked that “I’m said that I didn’t get to see Siwon for a long time” and gave him support by saying, “I’ve heard that Super Junior will be having a concert. I hope it ends successfully.”

Source: Newsen

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