Selasa, 26 Oktober 2010

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee says he’s the “Bluechip of Plastic Surgery”

ZE:A’s Hwang Kwang Hee proudly revealed his pre-surgery photo on a recent episode of “Strong Heart“.

He candidly expressed on the October 26th airing that he is the“Bluechip of Plastic Surgery”. He continued, “You didn’t know? I’ve fixed everything”, not shying away from his past.

The MC then asked, “What did you fix?“, Kwang Hee jokingly replied, “I had to recuperate for a whole year”, causing the audience to burst into laughter.

During the mini-corner “TeukGiGayo”, the pre-surgery photo was revealed to the entire cast. He commented with the unveiling, “This is my past” and “Mom, Cosmetic Surgeon, Thank You”, inciting another wave of laughter in the show.

To the final question of why he was revealing his past, he replied, “If I don’t, its hard to make a living. I can’t sing nor dance well, so I have to make a living with my face at least.”

Photo + Source: Nate

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